Linggo, Oktubre 14, 2012

Starting your dreamer RO adventure (character choice and leveling)

Create a character. I suggest creating a warlock and an RG for starter. Why warlock for starters? This is because if you're going to start from scratch and you wanted to earn a lot of zeny  this two is the best farmer.

Leveling your character

Leveling in dreamer RO is quite different than the other server. The best way to quickly level up here is through the use of your Lancer mercenary (spearman mercenary). You can reach level 500 (max level) in less than 30 minutes.

1. Open your mercenary by double clicking your Level 10 Mercenary Scroll.
2. Right Click your mercenary. A window will pop up. Click "skills".
3. Drag your mercenary skill "Spiral Pierce" to your skill bar. Preferably @ F1.
4. Warp to izlu2dun. Type "@warp izlu2dun"
5. Don't move! Kill one or three monsters using your mercenary's skill spiral pierce then warp again. Type @jump or simply type again @warp izlu2dun. (This is to avoid yourself from getting killed). Everytime you teleport, the first one that the monster in the area will going to attack is your mercenary this is why it is very much advisable to teleport from time to time.

Additional Note:

1.  Everytime you reach enough job level type "@go 0" or to any town with main NPC and change job. Don't be afraid to delete your skill points because once you reset your skill points through the main NPC you can have them again.

2. Do not sell fabrics. You will need them later for the hero quest.

3. In izlu2dun you cannot use AOE skills. But if you're a warlock. You can use comet there through your skill "Reading Spellbooks" and Release. Buy a spell book (comet) and some red gemstone (you need 2 red gemstone in able to use comet). A total of 150 dex = no casting. so make sure to put some dex.

4. If you're an RG/Paladin simply sacrifice the enemy (make sure to put some vit). It is much faster since everytime you level up you will have full HP again.

Happy Leveling!

Sabado, Oktubre 13, 2012

Dreamer RO Hack, Guides, tips and tricks

This blog is created to help newbie Dreamer ro players to easily progress in the server. The author of this blog managed to earn more than 300b worth of items in less than 2 weeks. Hard to believe? Well, if you are interested simply subscribe to this blog to learn how to do it. The tricks, exploits, tips, guides and hack that I am going to post here will help you to progress uber fast! Trust me you will surely love it!

Anyway I stopped playing this RO a week ago due to boredom lol. You'll find out why soon!